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Our Work

There may be no better way to communicate what we do than through pictures of our work. As you browse our site, take a few moments to experience our passion.



Wine and Beverage Center

We built custom cabinets and installed a coffee machine, beverage center, and made the wine glass hangers to match.  


Mom's kitchen

Mom always wanted a beautiful kitchen.  Several years ago we surprised mom with a new kitchen for Mother's Day.  We removed the soffit, installed new cabinets, replaced the water lines and upgraded the electrical outlets.  A colleague installed the quartz countertop.  Mom talked about that kitchen every day.  It is one of our favorite memories.



Kitchen Re-Do

This small kitchen was outdated so the homeowner decided it was time for a re-do!  We ripped out the old and installed the new - new cabinets, new appliances, sink, faucet, etc. and then painted.  It came out nice :)


The shower with the small individual tiles

This one was an adventure!  In truth, this was our bathroom and to save money, I bought clearance tiles. These tiles came on a sheet but many (a lot) were in pieces so we had to piece them in - one by one - by hand.  It came out really nice but Roxanne still tells stories about this one .... ha ha

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